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Meet the mortgage brokers

Our business is our clients – we’re here to help educate and guide you through the lending process and once settled we continue to provide ongoing support.

Emily Elkhoury

Emily Elkhoury is a dedicated and experienced mortgage broker based in Adelaide and Clare, specialising in working with busy working professionals. With a background in sports administration and a successful rowing career, Emily brings a unique perspective to her work in the finance industry. Her journey began in 2016 when she joined a bank and quickly rose to the position of branch manager. In 2020, she entered the world of mortgage brokering, partnering with Agribusiness brokers to specialize in residential deals.

What sets Emily apart is her deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by busy working professionals. She recognises the time constraints and complexities that come with their demanding careers. By providing a hands-on approach and personalised support, Emily ensures a seamless experience for her clients. She takes the time to truly understand their financial goals and works diligently to find the best solutions that align with their busy lifestyles. Emily stays up-to-date with industry trends through her membership in the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and actively engages with the latest developments through podcasts and social media

Outside of work, Emily enjoys a variety of hobbies that bring balance and joy to her life. As a passionate rower, she continues to pursue the sport and embraces the physical and mental challenges it offers. She also finds solace in camping trips, spending time with family and friends in Clare, and exploring the coastal beauty of Goolwa's beaches. Emily's great sense of humour allows her to approach life with a light-hearted perspective and not take the stress of everyday life too seriously.

Emily's dedication, expertise, and personal approach make her a trusted mortgage broker who is committed to helping clients achieve their financial goals. Her understanding of their unique needs, combined with her commitment to their success, sets her apart in the industry. She is a reliable partner who goes the extra mile to ensure her client’s financial goals are achieved while considering their time constraints and busy schedules.

Emily Elkhoury holding coffee leaning against a wall
Tegan Kuhl holding a coffee

Tegan Kuhl

Tegan is an experienced mortgage broker based in Mt Gambier, servicing the entire lower southeast.  Having joined the broking industry in 2021 her experience in the finance industry extends over 9 years prior to that, where she worked in both lending and management roles with one of the major banks. Throughout her career Tegan has established a reputation for providing exceptional service to her clients and achieving great outcomes using her industry and lender knowledge and expertise. 
While having a passion for helping all clients achieve their financial goals her specialty lies in helping first home buyers and self-employed clients. While it is important for all clients to understand the end-to-end process of their lending journey it is especially important for first home buyers. Tegan takes the time to educate her clients about the various loan options available and provide guidance on navigating the complexities of the home buying process, keeping all parties involved in the loop. She is up to date with the latest government grants and incentives for first home buyers, ensuring her clients maximise their opportunities to save money and are in the best position to get into the market. 

After being in the finance industry since 2012 and being a small business owner herself, Tegan understands the barriers that self-employed clients face and their often unique requirements when it comes to obtaining finance. Having worked closely with commercial finance brokers and bankers she is well versed in assisting clients with simple business structures through to those with a more complex set up and multiple entities. Tegan also looks to build a relationship with the accountants, bookkeepers and financial planners these client's partner with, helping to provide solutions that really are the best fit for the client.  

With a firm belief in having a healthy balance between work and pleasure, Tegan finds this in spending time with family, friends and keeping fit. Tegan is always up for a laugh and it could be said, partial to a dad joke. A devoted dog owner, Tegan and husband Baz have 2 dalmatians – Ziggy & Spike – who provide a distraction from the working world, as does her love of cycling. You will see Tegan out on the bike most weekends, enjoying the company of other cyclists and the beautiful countryside. She also enjoys participating in charity rides like the Murray to Moyne with other local cyclists in the community.


Tegan is the trusted expert you need in your corner.

Our Mission

Phoenix Lending provides working professionals and self employed clients with financial solutions, ensuring they are fully educated throughout the process and empowering them to make confident decisions that align with their goals, growth and values.

Our Vision

At Phoenix Lending we are the beacon of trust and empowerment for our clients as we support them achieving their financial goals.

Our Vaues

EXCELLENCE - Striving to be good at everything we do

UNITY -Fostering happiness, approachability and success across out business

COURAGE - We embrace change, new technology and remain open to new ideas

INTEGRITY - Genuine in everything we do holding true to our morals

SUPPORT - Not only do we encourage our staff to thrive, we are the backbone of our clients success

RELIABILITY - We carry out our work with pride built on a foundation of consistency and dependability.

Proud Supporters

At Phoenix Lending we believe giving back to the community is an important role for our business. We take pride in supporting local community organisations and programs as listed below.

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